ChillWell portable ac Keto Strong

Terms & Conditions




All orders must be confirmed in writing.

  • Purchase orders must have an order number clearly shown.
  • Verbal orders or instructions will not be accepted.



Ownership title of any of the promotional merchandise ordered by our clients will remain

with us until payment has been made in full into our account or when our cheques are cleared.


Please contact us for further information on our sample policy.

  • We accept: Bankcard, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Cheque, BPay or Direct Deposit.
  • No Merchant Fee for Visa and MasterCard up to $3,000.
  • Visa and MasterCard over $3,000: 2% merchant fee.
  • Amex: 3% merchant fee on all charges.


  • For the first 3 orders, payment is done before dispatching of final goods.
  • After 3 orders please administer a credit application form and apply for a 30 day account.


Exceptions to this are as follows:

  1. Government or school bodies that produce a purchase order will be given 30 days net from
  2. invoice.
  3. All credit accounts must be maintained on a 30 day net basis. Failure to do so will result in
  4. client's account being placed on 'Stop Supply' and all future orders payment must be done
  5. before dispatching of final goods.


  • We make best efforts to ship your promotional goods/ orders to client's prescribed destination
  • in the most economical way possible according to specified date and production limitations.
  • We cannot be held responsible for goods lost or delayed after the FOB transaction;
  • by common carrier, international Customs departments or by 'acts of God'.
  • Insurance is available at a rate of 2% of value of order. If insurance is waived, shipment is
  • at the receiver's risk; otherwise we can book on client’s courier account.
  • All orders will be shipped using our account and billed with your order at published rates for
  • that carrier. If clients prefer to use your own account, we can accommodate that too.
  • Clients will have to provide us with the carrier name and account number.



Once the order confirmation form has been signed, it is agreed we will supply products on the

specified time as stated on the order confirmation form. If and when order is cancelled after

signing the order confirmation form, cancellation fees may apply. Fees can vary from order to

order depending on status of the job, but typically the costs involved are artwork fees, set-up

costs, restocking fee or full payment of job if items have already been decorated.

You will not be responsible for cancellation fees if we don’t have the item in stock or

we don’t ship by the promised date specified on the order confirmation form.


If artwork is not supplied in correct format, artwork charges are billed at

NPRS 360 +GST per hour. Some minor artwork may be done at no cost.

Please check with us and we can supply a quote.


In the unlikely event of a claim, only written claims will be accepted and

must be made

within 14 days of receiving the goods. Claims or returns will only be

accepted where

there is a fault in the product supplied or an error in the printing.

Faulty goods must be

returned for inspection before a refund or replacement of stock

will be issued.


The colors of the merchandise pictured on this website are only

indicative. If exact color

matching is required, please request a sample.


Any company or person/s defaulting on a payment will be actively

pursued by us. All fees

involved in recovering the debt will be billed to that company or person/s.

Any account over

60 days past due will be given to our debt collectors. A 1.5% interest

charge will be added to

the invoice from the invoice issue date for as long as the debt remains

unpaid and all recovery

costs will be added to the outstanding amount